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The NORCENCOWAR network 

The Cold War may be history, but the long shadows of the Cold War are still very much with us. Topical international conflicts with substantial involvement of most Nordic countries, like the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, are in certain ways deeply rooted in conflicts dating back to the Cold War. Understanding the Cold War and the role of the Nordic countries in it is therefore a matter of current concern, not least because the Nordic region may be said to have played a unique role in Cold War alliance policies and international diplomacy.
During the past 10 to 15 years, research of the history of the Cold War has flourished in the five Nordic Countries. Yet, almost all studies so far have been exclusively national ones. To enhance the quality and the relevance to the international research community of continued Cold War history research in the Nordic region, it is imperative to develop truly comparative and multidisciplinary joint research activities among Nordic Cold War historians and political scientists.

The establishment of an efficient and closely knit Nordic Network of Cold War Researchers, with research partners and associates in the North and North Central European region, East and West, is a major step in this favourable direction.

NORCENCOWAR - the Nordic and North/Central European Network of Cold War Researchers - is funded by Nordforsk. Read more about the background of the network here.

Research groups

The network is divided into five research groups, read more here.