Main aims of NORCENCOWAR – University of Copenhagen


Main aims of NORCENCOWAR

The main aims of NORCENCOWAR are to contribute to:

  1. COMPARATIVE RESEARCH: Promoting, stimulating, and coordinating Nordic/North European regional comparative and multidisciplinary Cold War research activities and collaboration.
  2. RESEARCH TRAINING: Increased joint Nordic/North European regional/transnational Cold War research training (PhD student mobility).
  3. RESEARCH COMMUNITIES: Strengthening the Nordic/North European regional Cold War history research communities on each side of the old East-West divide, also on a multidisciplinary basis.
  4. INTERNATIONAL IMPACT: Enhancing the European and global impact and visibility of Nordic/Northern European Cold War history research (conferences, lectures, publications).
  5. PUBLICATIONS: Increasing the number and quality of research publications in English – books and articles in international scholarly journals – on Nordic/North European Cold War history.