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07 December 2009

European Integration

Extended Call for papers

European Integration and the Cold War, 1945-1989
Sixth History of European Integration Research Society (HEIRS) Colloquium
15-16 April 2010, University of Reading, UK

The complete devastation of the European continent following six years of total war precipitated the early cooperation efforts of the immediate post-1945 period. Emerging security concerns and the lingering German question gave birth to the nascent institutions of the now European Union. Thus, the foundations of European integration and the development of the Cold War were inextricably linked.
Despite this simple claim, academic research on the question of European integration and the Cold War has apparently been less dynamic. Indeed, both have been treated as somehow unconnected and separate.
Our interest in this call for papers lies in correcting this apparent lacuna. Central to this are key research questions: how the Cold War was a ‘bookend’ for European integration; in what ways can we address the development of ‘Europe’s Cold War’; how has the legacy of the Cold War impacted enlargement negotiations since 1989? In doing so, the conference seeks to touch upon the following themes:

 the German question, Hallstein Doctrine and Ostpolitik;
 foundations/work of NATO; EDC and WEU;
 transatlantic relations, networks and exchanges;
 transnational relations between state and non-state actors;
 communism and anti-communism;
 post-war reconstruction and decolonisation;
 impact of key dates of the Cold War as ‘turning points’ in integration history;
 intellectuals exchanges and history;
 international economy;
 information policies, propaganda and intelligence;
 the end of the Cold War and impact on enlargement;
 impact of Cold War on European politics and identity; and
 Eastern/Central Europe and European integration pre-1989

We particularly encourage applications from postgraduates, post-doctoral and early career academics. Applications by way of a maximum 500 word paper proposal should be sent to either of the following email addresses:
Matthew Broad at or Christian Salm at
We envisage the publication of a selection of fully revised papers from the conference. Please note that there is no fee for the conference; however we are unable to provide any help with expenses for speakers.
The new deadline for paper proposals is Friday 18 December 2009.