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28 June 2010

International Organizations and Institutions

International Organizations and Institutions: Past Experiences and Future Prospects

The Oslo Contemporary International History Network invites historians and others interested to participate at the open sessions of our 2010 conference.

The conference takes place at The Norwegian Nobel Institute in Henrik Ibsensgate 51, Oslo.
Pre-registration is not necessary.


Monday August 23
10.00-12.15 International Contemporary History: The State of the Art. 
Key note speech by Professor Marc Trachtenberg of the University of California. International Contemporary History. The State of the Art:  Where We’ve Been, Where We Are, and Where We’re Going.
Chair: Professor Helge Pharo of the University of Oslo.
Invited comments by three network members: Dr. Patricia Clavin of Jesus College, University of Oxford, Dr.  Ken Weisbrode and Dr. Karen Gram-Skjoldager both of the European University Institute.

Tuesday August 24
09.00-10.45 What now? Publication Strategies for Young Scholars.
Panel of Professor Nils Petter Gleditsch of the Peace Research Institute Oslo, Dr. Corinna Unger German Historical Institute Washington DC., and Dr. Patricia Clavin.
Chair: Professor Hilde Henriksen Waage of the University of Oslo.
10.45 Coffee.
11.00-13.00 The History of Development Aid.
Presentation of historiographic article by Professor Marc Frey and PhD Candidate Sönke Kunkel, both of Jacobs University. The draft historiographic article on the history of development aid will available from August 1. Please contact Fosam project coordinator Therese Berg Alfsen at .
Chairs: Dr. Monika Phole Fraser and Dr. Hanne Hagtvedt Vik both of the University of Oslo .
Invited comments by Professor Helge Ø. Pharo, Dr. Daniel Maul of the Justus-Liebig-University Giessen and PhD Candidate Øystein Rolandsen of the Peace Research Institute Oslo.

Wednesday August 25
13:30-15:00 Peace Politics in the Twentieth Century.
Director Geir Lundestad of the Norwegian Nobel Institute. The Nobel Peace Prize in International Politics: What has it achieved and what can it achieve? 
Chair: Professor Hilde Henriksen Waage.
15.00 Coffee
15:30-17:00 Closing Session: What Role for International Organizations in a Master Narrative of the Twentieth Century? 
Panel of Professor Susan Pedersen of Columbia University, Professor Marc Trachtenberg, Professor Marc Frey, Dr. Amalia Ribi of Oxford University and Dr. Vincent Lagendijk of Leiden University.
Chair: Professor Hans Otto Frøland of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.
Network members:
1.  Professor Hilde Henriksen Waage, University of Oslo . [Project leader]
2.  Dr. Patricia Clavin, Jesus College, University of Oxford.
3.  Professor Marc Frey, Jacobs University.
4.  Professor Hans Otto Frøland, Norwegian University of Science and Technology.
5.  Professor Tore Grønlie, University of Bergen.
6.  Professor Even Lange, University of Oslo. (will not participate at 2010 seminar)
7.  Professor Einar Lie, University of Oslo.
8.  Professor Susan Pedersen, Columbia University.
9.  Professor Klaus Petersen, Center for Welfare State Research, University of Southern Denmark.
10.  Professor Helge Pharo, University of Oslo.
11.  Dr. Hanne Hagtvedt Vik, University of Oslo. [Project leader].
12.  Dr. Robin M. Allers, Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies.
13.  Ph.D. Candidate Øystein Rolandsen, Peace Research Institute Oslo.
14.  Dr. Karen Gram-Skjoldager, European University Institute.
15.  Assistant Professor Liesbeth van de Grift, Utrecht University.
16.  Ph.D. Candidate Carl Emil Vogt, University of Oslo.
17.  Dr. Katharina Rietzler, University College London.
18.  Dr. Daniel Maul, Justus-Liebig-University Giessen.
19.  Dr. Hilde Katrine Haug, University of Oslo.
20.  Ph.D Candidate Målfrid Braut-Hegghammer, Belfer center for science and international affairs, Harvard University, and Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies.
21.  Assistant Professor Volker Barth, University of Cologne.
22.  Ph.D. Candidate Espen Storli, Norwegian University of Science and Technology.
23.  Dr. Amalia Ribi, University of Oxford.
24.  Dr. Corinna R. Unger, German Historical Institute Washington DC.
25.  Associate Professor Geir Almlid, Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy.
26.  Dr. Morten Hammerborg, University of Bergen.
27.  Ph.D Candidate Megan Doherty, University of London and Columbia University.
28.  Dr. Kenneth Weisbrode, European University Institute.
29.  Dr. Niklas Olsen, University of Copenhagen.
30.  Dr. Sissel Rosland, University of Bergen.
31.  Ph.D. student Sönke Kunkel, Jacobs University.
32.  Dr. Vincent Lagendijk, Leiden University.
33.  Dr. Hilde Selbervik, Christian Michelsens Institute.
 Other participants at 2010 conference
34.  Director Geir Lundestad, the Norwegian Nobel Institute.
35.  Professor Marc Trachtenberg, University of California.
36.  Dr. Monika Phole Frasier, University of Oslo.
37.  Researcher Øyvind Tønnesson, Lillehammer University College.