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04 February 2010

Call for panels and papers SGIR

Call for Panels and Papers

SGIR 7th Pan-European Conference on IR "Politics in Hard Times:
International Relations Responses to the Financial Crisis". Stockholm.
September 9-11, 2010.


Institution: Estonian School of Diplomacy, Estonia

This section has been allocated: 5 panels.

Convenor: Vahur Made, Estonian School of Diplomacy, (

The aim of the section is to discuss the nature of the Cold War from the perspective of the current International Relations. Both as a historical phenomenon, a period of contemporary history but also more generally as an influencer of IR theoretical thought and current IR thinking, rhetoric, and political practice.

While the world is being shocked by the global financial crisis, increasing violence in various conflict spots, as well as the increasing deficiency of the traditional institutions and powers to deal with the mounting problems, reflections and connotations to the 20th century political history are increasingly making inroads into present-day world politics.

Comparisons between the current world affairs and the Cold War have been presented by policy-makers, journalists, and even by traditionally cautious academic community. Parallels with the past are being drawn, and on some point they become increasingly parts of foreign policy discourse.

In this light the section aims to ask what was unique, so-called period-related, in the Cold War, and what has had its impact beyond the classically agreed end-of-Cold-War boundary, 1989-1991? What elements of current International Relations are comparable to the ones existing between (1945)47-(1989)91? How is Cold War used as an element of shaping current foreign policy ideas, ways of thinking, narratives, stories, discourses and paradigms?

The section would invite both panel and paper proposals that challenge existing understandings of the Cold War as a phenomenon of International Relations, both from the historical and current perspectives.

This section accepts papers and panel proposals.

Please submit your proposal electronically via by February 28, 2010.