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Research group: Civil society

The Civil Society theme includes NGO’s, trade unions, peace movements etc - national and transnational - and their opinions and actions in relation to the Cold War. It also focuses on domestic issues like immigration policy, refugee policy, the welfare state as well as different forms of competition in state socialism from political, social and cultural angles. An important object is to promote studies with a comparative dimension.

Group members

Karl Molin (coordinator)
Rasmus Mariager (co-coordinator)
Ann Deighton
Nils Arne Sørensen
Cecilia Notini Burch
Klaus Petersen
Bent Boel
Hanne Hagvedt Vik
Kjersti Brathagen
Klaus Misgeld
Katalin Miklossy
Aryo Makko
Susanna Erlandsson
Dino Knudsen
Stian Bones 

Associated members:

Helge Pharo