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Research group: Cultural influences

Cold War history has traditionally focused on high political issues. Bipolar rivalry between the East and West, ideology, power struggles of the elites, arms race, competition for resources and global economic hegemony has for long filled the research agendas. Cold War history in many ways has been a story telling about what happened in 'Moscow' and 'Washington'.

The NORCENCOWAR Cultural Influences working group wants to focus on the Cold War from a slightly different research platform. It argues that in the Cold War history not only the high political power centres and their mutual relations counted. In addition to these relations there were a large number of soft power relations, including the cultural exchange, that paved the ground for further political influences, and evidently, societal change. The Cultural Influences working group pays particularly strong attention to two aspects of Cold war history: the development of pro-Americanism in Cold War Europe, particularly in Northern Europe, and the perception of the Western cultural influences in the Eastern block. The working group sees the cultural exchange as a potentially rich source of primary material adding significantly to the existing research on Cold War international relations.

Group members

Vahur Made (coordinator)
Valur Ingimundarson (co-coordinator)
Mikael Nielsson
Marie Cronquist
Olaf Mertelsman
Pia Koivunen
Iina Kohonen
Riikka Nisonen-Trnka
Palle Roslyng-Jensen
Rosa Magnusdottir
Ragnheiður Kristjánsdóttir
Hallvard Tjelmeland
Vidar Bjørnsen
Liza Burmeister Kaaring