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Research group: Trade and technology

During the Cold War, trade became a powerful tool in the world politics.
Since the World War II technological progress became one of the major features in the East-West rivalry and important part of the trade. The traditional bipolar view of the Cold War studies has emphasised trade and technology as a super power issues. The new approach emphasises the role of small actors between East and West and multipolar interaction that shaped trade and technology transfer. This group is focusing on the Cold War trade and technology and emphasising multipolar approach and the role of the small actors and interaction through the Cold War division lines. The aim of the group is to gather researchers to swap ideas, contribute to the seminars organised by the group and to publish together.

Group members

Sari Autio-Sarasmo (coordinator)
Vahur Made (co-coordinator)
Morten Bendix Andersen
Johana Aunesluoma
Martyna Bildziukiewicz
Suvi Kansikas
Thomas Cesar Fischer
Niklas Jensen-Eriksen